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Neuro? Logical! Forum for all neuro-things => from neuron to brain...

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Karen L
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Default Peripheral Nerve Rerouting


I just found this and I am amazed. I know this is outside the scope of manual therapy but knowing how nerves behave when they can be tasked to perform differently from "normal" helps me appreciate them even more.

Peripheral nerve rerouting to bring function back to areas damaged by injury. Here is link to Dr. Zhang's abstracts.

Bios on Dr.'s who do similar surgeries See the entry on Dr. Brunelli. "Because the second procedure represents a direct peripheral-nerve to spinal-cord connection, it challenged traditional beliefs on how neurons control muscle function. Specifically, upper motor neurons (nerves within the spinal cord) and lower motor neurons (nerves that leave the cord to connect to muscles) use different neurotransmitters. Hence, theoretically, the muscle should not be triggered due to neurotransmitter incompatibility. However, Brunelli has recently shown that target muscles are genetically reprogrammed, producing receptors that are responsive to the neurotransmitters released by the upper motor neurons that have grown to the muscles through the peripheral nerve bridge."

This is the site of the International Association of Neural Restoration

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Bas Asselbergs
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Karen - STOP IT! You keep finding very interesting articles and other stuff...Don't you relaize I only have so many hours in a day?!?

Thanks for this - really.
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