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Old 30-03-2007, 10:15 PM   #1
Crazy Pole
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Default I'm not sure where this fits, but it infuriates me

I came across this site as I was searching "support groups": It has some real nice info on manual therapy techniques including, but not limited to, our dear friend MFR. I don't really know where it fits in the realm of ongoing threads, but I was not real happy to come across it.

Perhaps we could recruit some of the contributors to this site for discussions about manual therapy? Perhaps this is an avenue in which to present Simple Contact to a larger audience? If these people are posting this info for the masses, could it provide an opportunity to promote Simple Contact?

I apologize that I haven't thought this out real well prior to posting, but I am feeling an urgency to post it and hope it will foster discussion.

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NeuroNut Evangelist
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Another example of physical therapy providing pain relief with no suggestions as to resolution of the problem....and a money-making venture, maybe covert, maybe not.
All those testimonials suggest the focus is on $$$$$s.

As the site seems to be run by one PT and a group of docs, debates on manual therapy may fall foul of the 'clique' mentality. I guess the docs could be engaged in discussion, but if I am right, there is no direct access for PTs in Wisconsin, and that would prevent the PT from debating....?

I like the Duck site....

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Still conflating "joints&muscles" with pain, I see.
HumanAntiGravitySuit blog
Neurotonics PT Teamblog
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Jon Newman
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Hi Wes,

I've noticed that the more advertising a website has the clearer the vision.
"I did a small amount of web-based research, and what I found is disturbing"--Bob Morris
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