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The Rubbish Cube The best place to criticize what is going wrong in health systems and other subjects.

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Anna Rahe
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My name is Anna Rahe. At the age of 20, my body expressed the muscular signs of severe scoliosis while spinal x-rays showed not the slightest curvature. I experienced chronic, progressive skeletal torsion, inflexibility and pain. Even though I had been a Pilates teacher and dancer for many years, and despite my attempts to get answers from myriad doctors and body professionals, my symptoms had progressed to the extent that I could hardly touch my toes.

For the next 8 years I sought every kind of treatment and somatic technique to find reprieve. Although no one teacher or technique solved my issues, the journey gave me the tools to develop body techniques that were not only unique from those I had studied, but were also staggeringly effective at changing my body. After 2 years of consistent practice, I had increased my height by 2 inches—a transformation that astonished my doctors—and alleviated most my pain with and exponentially increased range of motion.

I began teaching these techniques to my Pilates clients and dance students at the University of San Francisco who all experienced similar results. Students long dissatisfied with their body shapes and exercise habits had friends asking how they had lost weight. Clients with chronic back and neck injuries even canceled scheduled surgeries because the work had such a radical affect on their bodies.

Through exhaustive personal assimilation and private teaching I have refined and condensed these body techniques into a comprehensive movement system. GST™ reshapes the body’s connective tissue, or fascia, to create strong, flexible muscles that literally lay longer against and closer to the bones. This profound restructuring of the muscle fiber and its relationship to the skeleton dramatically alters the body’s size and shape.

I look forward to learning more from other body professionals on this site as well as sharing information I have learned through my years of study in various somatic disciplines.
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