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Clinical Reasoning Typical cases are discussed there. The cases are brought by practioners.

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Default Ulnar Nerve Neuropathy in Wrist

I've completed a 24 Hour mountain bike race about 4 weeks ago, during the race I lost feeling in my pinkie and half of my ring finger. I rested my hands on the grips toward the end of the bars and the grips sat right on the Guyon Canal. The doctors here tell me the feeling will come back :roll: , but I am afraid of muscle atrophy in my fingers. Any helpful ideas (besides not doing 24 hour bike races! :wink:
Thank you in advance!
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You are carrying a numbness produced by a long duration compressive position, vibrations and shocks. Since you're not feeling the fourth and fifth finger of the hand it seems that the sensitive part of cubital/ulnar nerve is involved.
Since you seem not to complain about loss of movement, there is absolutely no reason of a possible muscle atrophy. Sensitivity may return progressively in 6/12 weeks after the injury.

Just move normally your hand but avoid stress in pronounced extension of the wrist.
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Thank you Bernard! I'm glad I asked for a second opinion, makes it a little easier to get through.
Thanks again!
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Hi Brian :

Do not worry !

But , The doctors have not referred you for physiotherapy /Manual Therapy ??

Avoid lying putting your head over it , or putting it under your face in wrist extension position .


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