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Default Sorry team, Posture again

Ok this is more of a recap of what I think I've understood from many threads here and finally my brain has had a spasm, kinda WHOA wait so what your saying is....

That posture and pain are poorly correlated.

That when people who are in pain feel better after "posture exercises" essentially there is a neural event (PLEASE EXPLAIN, KNOWLEDGABLE ONES) that has occurred that has allowed the posture to change and not a biomechanical repositioning that is responsible. Hmm as I type this I think they are the same thing, just seen through different lenses. By using a biomechanical modality we could have soothed a troubled nerve area and hence we get a release of distortion. Or we use a "nerve" technique and we get a soothing of a nerve area and a release of distortion. The error I have heard discussed here is that we think using posture as a map toward pain reduction is incorrect thinking. Those shoulder retraction exercises just happened to provide action and gliding in the supra scapular nerve and delivered fresh blood to the system.
Grrr! I can't seem to separate them in my head! did the slumped posture compress the nerve or was the nerve troubled and created this posture? The former seems WAY more obvious. I'll stop stream of consciousness typing and get your feed back.

First, please comment on the above. THink of me as a newbie and leave nothing out. Let it be known that I have read pretty much every posture thread here at SS so I am aware of the discussion. I am trying to reword my understanding in a way that I haven't seen it said yet.

If someone comes to you for pain and you successfully reduce that pain experience do you always notice posture changes? Should we not regularly see posture changes if pain is the driver of distortion?
Do we always see people's bodies move toward a similar postural position if there is a postural change? Or do some people upon pain resolution move toward strange/bent/asymmetrical position?

I suspect that posture is a direct, holistic expression of mechanical options. By that I mean the expression of a certain daily posture is derivative of the person's access AND use of his full movement spectrum. WOuld you agree?

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