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Default Help with taping to improve foot posture

I'm working with a child who's feet are ever increasingly pronated - now to the point of her navicular being in direct contact with the floor. She has been referred to orthopod and likely will end up with surgery. She has orthotics which improve foot posture, but also make walking effortful - she's v weak and has poor endurance, so the cost to her may outweigh the benefits.
So I'm going to try taping to see whether that creates any improvement as an interim measure. I'm not hugely hopeful for success but feel its worth a try and am wondering whether anyone has any suggestions as to positioning of tape?
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Geralyn Giuffrida PT
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I've found some people like a single strip of kinesiotape beginning on the the plantar aspect of the foot from the 4th or 5th metatarsal head pulled medial toward the navicular, and ending on the dorsum of the foot. I don't think it does much other than encourage supination.

Why do you think this pronation is occurring? Are her feet just like a family member? Do they look bad, or are they effecting comfort?

I wonder if an activity like dance or skating would promote better use of her foot.

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I use a strip of Kinesiotape (or, if that's not perceived as enough support, then leukotape).

The strip is applied from the plantar aspect up and along the line of the tib. post. to a third of the way up, in sitting, with the foot posture pre-corrected. If that's not perceived to be enough, I add something similar to Geralyn's suggestion, on top of that.

Weak and poor endurance?? Does she have a developmental problem/disability, or are you just referring to her feet? Also, why is surgery being contemplated?

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John W
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My neighbor recently approached me about her 13 y/o son whose flat feet have become a concern for them and his doctor, but the boy himself isn't too concerned about them. She gave me the name of the procedure that a foot surgeon was recommending, and I recall looking it up (but I don't remember the name of it now). It entailed inserting some button at the medial aspect of the talonavicular joint, essentially buttressing it so it wouldn't be able to descend towards the ground.

Unless my child was complaining of pain or started to develop other significant foot deformities, I wouldn't mess with it.
John Ware, PT
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Thanks guys
Unfortunately it is causing her increasing amounts of pain and is interfering with walking. She can barely walk barefoot now and is generally walking less and less, which from a starting point of walking max 10 mins outdoors is worrying. She has an unusual epileptic syndrome (Dravets) and this problem with the feet is part of it - unfortunately to date there is not much info on the musculoskeletal effects nor prognosis though some do end up wheelchair bound. Most of research has focussed on the fits as they are relatively difficult to manage well.
Just realised won't be around for few days but will be back and will be trialling tape next week.
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