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Default Science Based Yoga II

Little help.

Not sure if this is where this thread should go.

Neil Pearson has asked me to take a look at some of this information.
Kelly McGonigal seems to be a pretty big name moving the Yoga Therapy world forward

Here was Neils first questions / thoughts on the video
“I am particularly interested in digging deeper in relation to two things - that the natural state of the mind integrates evaluation and experience, and that without consistent practice the mind will revert to this default.
The former suggests that Yoga and meditation may not be all about finding our true nature, and the latter may not be consistent with the current beliefs/premises about neuroplasticity.
I may have misunderstood, or come away with the wrong impression.”
I wrote this back to Neil
This does seem like a conflict.

Although the latter seems to speak exactly to the current beliefs in Neuroplasticity. Specifically at Lorimer Moseley wrote an article about Neuroelasticity last year.

Here is an excerpt

What I mean by neuroelasticity is that amazing ability of the brain to change in a non-permanent fashion – Sherrington showed a century ago that the S1 representation of our body changes moment to moment and day to day. Plastic changes are, by definition, irreversible – Young’s modulus says that there is a certain amount of reversible change that can occur in a system – this is called elastic change – before the change is irreversible – this is called plastic change. That the dorsal horn sensitises in minutes is an elastic change. That S1 representations can be shifted by visuotactile illusions, by taping two fingers together or by reading Braille (have a look here for an interesting paper on this and heaps of good leads) all provide examples of neuroelasticity.

I would love to hear anybody's input on this.

The relevant papers are below. Thanks to Neil for getting this out here.
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File Type: pdf Streeter2010YogaIntervention.pdf (299.2 KB, 1 views)
Byron Selorme -SomaSimpleton and Science Based Yoga Educator
Shavasana Yoga Center

"The first principle is that you must not fool yourself - and you are the easiest person to fool" Richard Feynman
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