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Jobs Offers You may add your job wantings in this forum. It is opened to all readers.

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Default Information about Healthsouth

I'm a chilean kinesiologist (that's the name we give to physiothetapists and PT's) and I'm currently applying for a job in the USA trough a company called Healthsouth.
Does anyone have information on Healthsouth and quality of their jobs?
Thank you!
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John W
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HealthSouth is a large corporate provider of rehabilitation services. They have many outpatient and inpatient rehab centers located across the US.

The founder and original CEO currently resides in a federal prison cell in Texas convicted of fraud, money laundering, bribery and some other bad stuff. He was recently convicted in a civil trial for his role in stock fraud related to HealthSouth and ordered to pay nearly $3 billion to shareholders.

My wife worked for HealthSouth from 1993 to 1996 as an outpatient and home health PT. I think that company at the time epitomized how the tenuous theoretical foundation of PT was ripe for profiteering by the health care delivery system in this country. The leaders of HealthShouth figured out how to generate a lot of revenue from a procedure-based system while flirting around the margins of ethics and legality.

The original CFO spent 3 months in federal prison, too, by the way.

The company has survived all of this and continues to be a force in corporate PT services, particularly in the outpatient setting. In my opinion, the fact that HealthSouth was able to survive is more a testament to the dysfunctional nature of our health care system than the resilience of this particular company. In any other industry, like Enron in the energy sector, a company committing this level of fraud would have disappeared from the face of the earth.

Hope that helps.
John Ware, PT
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Here in california, they have a poor reputation. It got to a point where we had doctors who told us that they would stop sending us patients if we hired anyone who worked for healthsouth. They do not have as many offices as they did in he past.

On the flip side, you will see on TV that the Los Angeles Lakers has a practice facility sponsored by healhsouth. So everytime he local news shows hem practicing, i am reminded that money and not quality care can make a huge difference in survival of a business
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