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Barrett Dorko
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Default Epoch II

During the Pleistocene the brain we posses was formed. Sensitive to perturbations in the atmosphere and reactive in a way that preserved us, it was suspicious of anything it couldn’t actually see and commonly misinterpreted the things it could. Having been shaped by the processes of evolution, it is a kluge.

Though we thought otherwise, our behavior was often irrational and belief regarding phenomena we could not yet study was often misplaced. We live in a different epoch, but our primary tool for apprehending reality is ancient. Beyond that, it is manipulated by genes, additional replicators and the mistakes of others to such a degree that only a combination of thoughtfulness and natural expression can light the path toward rational decision making and prolonged survival.

Why do I think this is important for today’s therapist to know?

It’s important because whether they like it or not therapy must deal with the patient’s brain, no matter the condition treated. It’s important because strict attention to the peripheral tissues, though often successful enough, should always attend to the connection this care will have to the patient’s sensibilities – to their brain - to say nothing of the therapist’s.

If a therapist doesn’t wonder about this, understand it as is possible and use that knowledge to drive care and an interpretation of its effect they aren’t practicing responsibly.

Yea, I said it.

Soon: What happened during the Holocene?
Barrett L. Dorko P.T.
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