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    Hi! I'm an interested layperson with (thankfully finally improving) chronic pain. I've been dimly aware of pain science since about 2014, when I found Paul Ingraham's site back when my pain was more in the "mildly annoying" phase, but last year I finally realized that if massage and trying to release trigger points were really helping in any significant way, I would be in less pain rather than more. I tried physical therapy (for 6 weeks, going to the PT office twice a week and doing exercises three times a day--and I actually did do them) but it didn't make a difference. I finally got some significant improvement working with someone using a technique that sounded like pure pseudoscience, but the technique did involve pain-free movement and gradually increasing it as well as a willingness to try things when stuff didn't work. I still haven't been able to totally fix everything, but that success made me more hopeful that I just needed to learn more and try more things and my pain wasn't just going to get worse. Finding out that there is so much more that exists in the area of pain science than I had realized has been very encouraging because I really didn't want to have to blindly try things that just sounded like nonsense in hopes something happened to be effective. I have Diane's book, and I don't fully understand it yet, but I know much more than I did.