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Looking to find a practitioner in New York state (U.S.) who treats from a pain science perspective

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  • Looking to find a practitioner in New York state (U.S.) who treats from a pain science perspective

    Hi all,

    I’m a fellow in my early 60s with multiple chronic pain issues, including an inherited peripheral neuropathy, plus muscle pain. About 30 years ago I was diagnosed with “fibromylagia”; however, based on my recent reading in pain science, as well as a "Protectometer" style review of my own history, I now believe this phenomenon is more likely to be some form of central sensitization.

    The first book I read about pain science was Todd Hargrove’s “A Guide to Better Movement.” After that I got hold of various NOI publications, including “Explain Pain” and the more recent “Explain Pain Supercharged.” These have been very helpful in reducing my anxiety about pain, and some of my pain issues are now much improved, e.g. the neuropathy. However I still have some issues I could use help with. I contacted Todd, and he recommended posting on this forum to see if I could find a practitioner in my area or not too far away, and with pain science knowledge, who could help. This could be a physical therapist, movement practitioner, etc.

    As for where I live: I am in the Hudson Valley region of New York State, more or less in the middle of the state. My home town is Woodstock, but anywhere within 100 miles or so of me would be doable. New York City is also a possibility.

    I am definitely not looking for simple massage or manipulation – I really would like to work with someone who understands the NOI approach. Just to mention it, the stickie topic “Forum Moderators' Current Consensus on Pain” is very much in agreement with my own reading, which I find hopeful.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    Randy Burgess

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    Hi Randy,

    My apologies for not seeing this post any sooner.

    Karen Litzy and Kenny Venere practice within Manhattan doing home and office visits, Cameron Yuen and Blake Dircksen practice at Bespoke Physical Therapy in midtown east, and Zach Getz practices at Gotham PT near Union Square. I hope that's helpful for you.