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  • Barrett Dorko [moderator]


    I'm another of the moderators, 35 years in practice and currently touring the country teaching some of the concepts and methods discussed here regularly.

    All of my classes are encouraged to register on Soma Simple where they will find information unavailable anywhere else. I'm of the opinion that therapy can only grow in this way - by clinicians helping each other, each day, free of charge.
    Barrett L. Dorko

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    Truth Proves Itself

    Greetings Barrett,

    I appreciate your invitation to participate in discussions here. I Know I said I'd get online, but I'm afraid mine is an approximately three day pass (now that I've returned from my latest teaching tour) as my wife and youngest son will return from Down Under this Thursday - and all online extravagances must will cease. However, I'm highly curious having browsed a little - and I am hugely supportive of open forums based in fact, truth evidence, etc. as we can hardly get enough in this silly world. So on with it!

    You were "tipped off" regarding my work by a colleague/student of yours - but I must ask what was it that interested you about my work (?). I've only had a little time as a new member on this site - so please forgive my tentative tone.


    D.M. Lemke


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      The thread we're looking for you to participate in is here. (Just click on the word "here").

      I was interested because my boss was pleased with your presentation. I looked through the course manual and was not similarly impressed, not having heard your explanation of several key issues. On top of that I mentioned that during the past year she has never given me more than 30 seconds of her attention regarding what it is I think or do. This didn't go over well.

      You teach my colleagues how to manually manage painful problems. So do I. We certainly don't see the problem similarly and we don't do the same things. I figure one of us is making a mistake. We'll find out who through discussion, but that takes two. The thread linked above is your opportunity.

      I hope you take it.
      Barrett L. Dorko