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Hi all.

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  • Hi all.

    Hi all,

    I'm new here, and am excited to begin sifting through the mass of information. I'm very interested in a more informed, gentle, and evidence based approach to manual therapy and pain management.

    I'm a LMT here in Michigan. I'm a recent grad of massage school, and currently work at a local chiro office as a MT.

    I came to SS via Alice Santivo's "Massage St. Louis" blog. I learned of DNM through Walt Fritz's website, blog, and MedBridge CE's. My first exposure to a neurological explanation of soft tissue work came from Ove Indergaard's "An Introduction to Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation". My first exposure to a far gentler approach to manual therapy was through Jones' "Strain Counterstrain", at it's positional release off-shoots.

    I'm excited to dig in!


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    Welcome aboard, Kerry.

    Blog: Keith's Korner
    Twitter: @18mmPT


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      Barrett L. Dorko


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        Hi Kerry,
        If you want to learn more about DNM, you can follow the Dermoneuromodulating group on facebook, and/or take a class from Jason Erickson, who is an MT in Minneapolis.
        Welcome to Somasimple.
        HumanAntiGravitySuit blog
        Neurotonics PT Teamblog
        Canadian Physiotherapy Pain Science Division (Archived newsletters, paincasts)
        Canadian Physiotherapy Association Pain Science Division Facebook page
        WCPT PhysiotherapyPainNetwork on Facebook
        Neuroscience and Pain Science for Manual PTs Facebook page

        SomaSimple on Facebook

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          Thanks, all, for the warm welcome.

          I've spent quite a bit of time reading some of the "sticky" threads in Diane and Barrett's forums.

          I must confess I'm left a bit overwhelmed.

          While I was already thinking, and describing my work to my clients, from a neurological perspective, and had already begun to abandon reliance on palpation, ROM testing, muscle testing (a particularly bitter pill for me), and postural assessment, I'm left, after reading some of this stuff, not knowing where to go from here. Many of my previous idols, Eric Dalton, for example, have been solidly knocked from their pedestal.

          But now what the hell do I do? (Tongue in cheek there... sort of).

          For now, I'll continue to pursue DNM (thanks for the CE suggestion, Diane), and continue to try to understand the neurological aspects of my work.

          As I'm sure you may appreciate, MT's often have to approach all this differently: Our comparatively limited training (in the U.S.) is decidedly rife with conjecture and misinformation, and our clients have been conditioned accordingly. So, we MT's have to tread carefully. I'm sure this is the case, too, for PT's, but I think MT clients more often come to MT's with specific pre-existing ideas about what massage should look and feel like.

          Eeek. I have a very, very long way to go.

          I need to go have a nap now.

          Thanks again all...