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    Originally posted by amacs View Post
    So where do we go Keith? How do we formulate therapeutic interventions if the evidence base is that corrupt?
    I have been trying to think of what my answer would be to this question - which is, obviously, beyond my pay-grade...but...I offer this:

    All clinicians working with patients with painful complaints MUST have:

    (1) a premise
    (2) a process (i.e. test - intervention - retest)
    (3) a non-iatrogenic narrative
    (4) humility

    ...each of which needs to be informed by the best evidence available with an understanding of the limits of that evidence.

    The down side is that there is A LOT of room here for interpretation, which is why therapy is not a commodity - especially when considering that the other 2 pillars of EBP include the expertise (bias) of the clinician and the expectations of the patient (informed by their culture).

    I suspect that this answer feels insufficient though, doesn't it?

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      Late reply on a re-reading.

      I am afraid to say it does Keith. But at least it is coherent!

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