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A Massage Therapist's Guide to SomaSimple

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  • A Massage Therapist's Guide to SomaSimple

    My dears,

    I decided to write a "guide" for massage therapists who find their way to SomaSimple and don't know where to begin, are overwhelmed, or find themselves feeling intimidated. Perhaps it will encourage a few to check it out and stick around.

    Your comments and suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Especially let me know if you see any glaring errors or omissions. I haven't put it up on FaceBook yet, thought I'd wait for feedback here first. If it looks okay to you, I'll put it up there.

    I wasn't sure what prefix to use for this thread. "Tip" seemed like the best choice but if it should be something different, let me know.

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    Your intro for MT's is a wonderful way to turn people on to SS who might have otherwise stayed away. I think it would be useful to add in there something to the effect of

    "The members there are more interested in reasoning and evidence than feelings and beliefs, so their language sometimes lacks sensitivity."
    "If I exhaled arguments only to hold my breath I would die..." - Vast Aire


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      I'd amend that to say "may appear" to lack "sensitivity." Because I don't agree with the statement that participants here lack sensitivity. I think, in fact, that many of them are very sensitive, just not in the way some people want them to be. As it says in the Culture of SomaSimple page, here we are different. Debate is rigorous. Be prepared to support your statements with evidence.

      At any rate, you've already added it here. And I'll add a link to Jason Silvernail's comments about "tone."


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        Hi Ana, do introduce yourself in the Welcome Forum.
        Carol Lynn Chevrier LMT
        " The truth is, people may see things differently. But they don't really want to. '' Don Draper.


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          Thanks Alice for the intro on how to use this wonderful forum


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            Hello Alice,

            Thank you for your elucidative post about SS.
            I've been "lurking" this site until now without a clear direction...
            but now I'm going to participate more intensively.


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              A very comprehensive overview. Many thanks Alice.