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    Originally posted by Greg Lehman View Post
    Hi john,

    Do you have any research showing a robust, long term positive effect for ANY intervention for persistent pain problems? We are far from establishing long term and powerful improvements with the treatments within the neuroscience revolution framework.



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      Nari asked what was "unwelcoming" while I slept and I thought about that while I shaved.

      For many, every question regarding what they've chosen to believe and do is unwelcomed. This is human, and would be acceptable here if a third person wasn't involved.

      But they're always involved.
      Barrett L. Dorko


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        Welcome, CO.

        I think you should be quite pleased; as not everyone's introductory thread in the welcome forum gets up to 92 posts!

        Seriously, there is so much to be learned in the different discussions and articles available here I can't even begin to say how valuable it has been for my practice over the last few years.


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          Originally posted by nari View Post
          I also cannot find anything unwelcoming in the welcome forum.
          CO, can you give an example of what you mean by unwelcoming?

          Perhaps I didn't "lurk" long enough. But, I've never been one for lurking. Maybe I'll just have to work on that.

          Normally to be "welcoming" is to provide a kind greeting. It usually involves pleasant courtesy.

          Some of my opinions surrounding this have to do with an overall feeling (my perception) of how a chunk of the questions were posed to me in this thread. Sure, there was some courtesy, but to me, much of it felt off-kilter and veiled. Or, maybe my perceptions were just "off".

          I don't mind being asked about the way in which I practice or why I came here (no "agenda" on my end); I just expected more friendliness in an intial meeting. And, I believe I read once, the more people expect, the more susceptible they are to pain.

          In my opinion, I can only describe the feeling as an overall lack of warmth in this "Welcome" thread, that seems quite different than when I read...

          I seem to have based my thoughts about what appeared a much warmer reception (note the other thread - and yeah... I obviously should have lurked and read more of them).

          But, again, I didn't take the time to get a good feel for the personalities of this particular forum. Such is life. I'll do my best to try to keep to myself for a while, unless I see something that may warrant some kind of useful information coming from my own knowledge bank.

          Oh, and thanks, gilbert... that comment with the ! helps. Of course, 92 posts may be just because I am too chatty and don't know how to shut up for my own good.
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            Hi and welcome CO, please stick at it despite the prickles.
            Kind thoughts,
            Peering over the shoulders of giants.

            Know pain. Know gain.


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              Thanks for your great reply John,

              You wrote:

              don't see how conveying to a patient like this that rubbing or pressing on a particular spot on their foot, thereby adjusting some reflex arc, in order to affect a pain in their head is ultimately of any value to either the patient or society in general. In fact, I think it's harmful to both.
              I hope it didn't come across that I was defending this model of care (the one above). I was only trying to question myself and those of us that use the model that you briefly described. Questioning what we do doesn't equate to supporting reflexology. We are kind of on two separate discussions here and just talking around each other since I agree with everything you have written.

              Greg Lehman BKin, MSc, DC, MScPT
              No letters allowed learned on weekends.


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                Welcome Curious ONe

                I had hoped this would be a place for critical thinking and interesting discussion
                You will discover it is exactly that. Unfortunately that is rarely a comfortable experience and many professional shibboleths are put to the sword. If you can get past the innate sense of vulnerability such scrutiny engenders you will find exactly what you seek.

                It is helpful to be aware that some profession specific language can be value laden and will, if so, attract questions.


                (who frequently commits tpyos)
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