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    Hi Michelle, thank you for coming in on the thread. Please feel free to stay and join the community ongoingly, if you wish. You're more than welcome.
    It's a rough patch. So I hope you have lots of support.
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      My thanks to Jon for his help in making this virtual space so welcoming and nurturing. Reading the comments is uplifting - that one person has touched so many peoples lives so positively. A life well lived.
      Kind thoughts to all who are grieving,
      Peering over the shoulders of giants.

      Know pain. Know gain.


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        Michelle, we are forever in Jon's debt.
        Cory Blickenstaff, PT, OCS

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          Michelle I'm glad you came by. We miss Jon very much and I'm glad to say he had a very positive influence on me and the way I approach critical thinking, medicine, science, and online discussions. His contributions are irreplaceable.

          [From my iPhone, please excuse typing]
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            Here is the announcement of Jon's memorial. There is a guest book and place to make a donation.
            Cory Blickenstaff, PT, OCS

            Pain Science and Sensibility Podcast
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              I've been reading these forums for a lot of years now. Jon was always my favorite. I won't forget him.


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                As a lurker on this forum and rehab edge, I have always enjoyed Jon's thoughtful provoking and conscientious posts. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.



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                  I had the pleasure of spending some time with Jon, including twice over dinner with Michelle. I will always be mindful of his insistence that we must understand what type of pain we are treating. He was particularly interested in sorting out the misuse of neurogenic vs. neuropathic. I think about this dilemma every day.

                  Let's not forget it was Jon who encouraged us here to post pictures of ourselves at our various meetings. He had a remarkable combination of personal and professional skills. A class act.


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                    This is the first time I've heard of someone's passing and was taken aback without having met them. When I first came to SS I always read Jon's writing multiple times; first because I had to. I hadn't seen or heard of writings like his before. Second because it was over my head. You had no choice but to change your thought process when he was posting. For that I am grateful.

                    I wish his family nothing but the best in these difficult times.
                    "The views expressed here are my own and do not reflect the views of my employer."


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                      Yesterday, I did a little search for a piece of info on the forum and the first name that popped up was Jon Newman. It made me sad but at the same time grateful that he gave so much to SS. What a cool dude.

                      Rest in Peace, Jon.



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                        I never had the opportunity to meet Jon but his input here and on other sites I have frequented over the years have helped make me a more insightful and investigative therapist.

                        Thoughts and prayers of comfort to his family and friends.
                        Sean Weatherston, PT, OCS


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                          Almost three years.
                          Carol Lynn Chevrier LMT
                          " The truth is, people may see things differently. But they don't really want to. '' Don Draper.


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                            I still have my 2005 photos of Jon and Michelle taken in the Japanese gardens at Vancouver Island and on the ferry along with Luke Rickards and Diane.

                            Jon was quite an unforgettable fellow.



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                              I envy your meeting him Nari.

                              I hope and wonder if Michelle is doing well.
                              Carol Lynn Chevrier LMT
                              " The truth is, people may see things differently. But they don't really want to. '' Don Draper.