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    My name is Kory Zimney, I am a practicing physical therapist in Iowa. I work at a hospital based occupational medicine outpatient clinic primarily treating occupational injuries referred from the occupational medicine physician working in the same clinic. I also provide some ergonomic, wellness coaching and prevention training for the various businesses we work with.

    I officially came to SomaSimple in December of 2009, but had lurked on the site for a few months prior to "officially" joining and making my first Welcome Forum post in February of 2010. After attending NOI - Mobilization of the Nervous System (March 2010) and then Explain Pain (May 2010) along with Barrett Dorko's Simple Contact (September 2010) and Lorimer Moseley (August 2010). My practice understanding was changed forever. While always enjoying research and trying to use it in my practice I realized how much of what I did was based on belief and not as much on understanding. I was asked to join as a moderator for the SomaSimple site back in December 2010 along with Karen L.

    Since my completion of my tDPT in December 2010, I also have begun doing adjunct teaching for the University of South Dakota Physical Therapy program for both the traditional and transitional programs. I also enjoy clinical teaching and completed the advance CI credentialing program through the APTA. My personal blog is on general health tips of exercise, diet, stress reduction and other items (

    SomaSimple is a site, I believe, of unmatched clinical wisdom and understanding in the areas of manual therapy and treatment of painful conditions. While the volume of information through discussion threads and research papers here can seem overwhelming to a new member, if one allows the time (and the cognitive dissonance for some) it will help move or change beliefs into understanding.

    Kory Zimney, PT, DPT

    "Study principles not methods, a mind that can grasp principles will create its own methods." - Gill

    "All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them." - Galileo Galilei