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  • all things large and small

    This forum was created by Bernard after a post in which I spoke of a mild obsession with subatomic physics.

    No maths, no heavy stuff - just ideas on the very stuff we are made of - stardust, molecules, photons and strings, just the same as those in galaxies under different conditions, of course.

    If we take one cell, and take it down to its tiniest component, what do we find? no-one is sure yet, but string theory is one of the gambles. in fact there are five or six theories drifting around and have been since the late 1960s.

    What is happening outside the Earth is the same as what is happening inside the cell - in a crude way. It does not help us to work out how we can affect our patients' attitudes or pain, but the more we think about what stuff is made of and how it works, the closer we get to the big picture of our role as a physiotherapist - it lifts us out of small thoughts and closed corridors.

    Welcome to uncertainty!! It can be fun...

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