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  • Book Teaching by Handling: now on Kindle & IOS

    Saw this was out as an E-text. For me, stuff like this is easier to read thru the 40" tv, sitting on the couch whilst taking notes than from a book; ymmv

    Teaching By Handling is a presentation of the system of Functional Integration devised by the Israeli scientist Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. The Feldenkrais system is a way of handling the body by communicating specific sensations to the central nervous system in order to improve the functions of the motor-system. Functional Integration is unique in that it evokes changes in the human brain at a level heretofore thought unachievable by any known educational technique: muscular tonicity-even spasticity-is actually modified, the range of movement is enhanced, movement becomes more coordinated, and the overall efficiency and comfort of muscular functioning is increased. In The Feldenkrais Method, learn how the author has devised a framework for understanding an immensely subtle and elusive technique for human change.
    IOS: Click here for Itunes version ($9.99)

    Kindle: Ditto here ($7.69)
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