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    I've been following this molecular neuroscientist's work for a few years, managed to turn Ginger Campbell (BrainSciencePodcast) onto him right after I stumbled over his paper in July 2008 that had just been published in Nature Neuroscience. She went on to interview him. I transcribed her podcast for her - here is a link. (In the "blog posts and links" section you'll see yours truly's humble blogpost listed, my begogglement at first learning about him, his work.)

    Lately Natasha Mitchell interviewed him on ABC's All in the Mind. I transcribed the 15 minutes or so of his interview (see attached).

    I will write more about him, here in this thread, catch everyone up on why I think he's a genius, but it will be a bit later. Meanwhile, here is an excerpt from this interview, and a glimpse of his genius:

    it has been said the number of synapses in the human brain is about a million billion, but something we’ve discovered about the molecular composition of the synapses, is that they have over 1000 different proteins within this, and we have done sort of a back-of-the-envelope calculation about the computational power of the human brain, based on what we know about the molecular circuits and these neuronal circuits, and we’ve come up with this very simple estimate: and it is that one human brain is more powerful than all computers on the internet put together, times one hundred.
    I don't know about you, but that gives me huge pause for thought.
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