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    The neurogenic pain syndrome - from assessment to manual treatment
    Part I - Upper quarter

    [Le syndrome neurogène douloureux - du diagnostic au traitement manual.
    Tome 1 - Membre supérieur] [book in French]

    is a new book that focuses on the manual management of entrapments neuropathies and dysfunctions of the nervous system. It offers an original concept based on the latest developments of neurodynamics and links orthopaedics with neurology. Each of the thirteen chapters of the book deals with a particular conflict in the upper limb, the shoulder girdle or neck and respects a rigorous and didactic plan:
    - Etiology;
    - Clinical pattern and interest.
    Assessment of the nerve dysfunction
    - Neurodynamics and nerve palpation;
    - Neurological examination;
    - Orthopaedic examination of the mechanical interfaces.
    Treatment of the nerve dysfunction
    - Normalisation of the mechanical interfaces;
    - Release by palpation;
    - Neuromobilisations - sliders and tensioners;
    - Self management.
    The techniques are illustrated with over 570 photographs and accompanying text:
    - Locating anatomical palpation;
    - Positions of the practitioner and the subject;
    - Position of the practitioner's hands;
    - Technical movements.
    The book is a teaching guide for the examination and treatment of signs and symptoms, caused by a dysfunction of the peripheral nervous system.
    The authors intended the book for professionals to have a reference manual for daily management of neuropathic pain, such as, physical therapists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and physicians.

    Jan De Laere is a physiotherapist, manual therapist, director of the Institute of Neuro-Orthopaedic Manual Therapy and teacher for health professionals in Europe.
    Serge Tixa is professor of anatomy and palpatory anatomy in many schools of osteopathy in France and Europe, teacher for health professionals.

    The book contains ; therapeutic protocols, carpal tunnel syndrome, Guyon’s tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, supinator muscle syndrome, pronator muscle syndrome, cheiralgia paraestethica, suprascapular nerve syndrome, axillar nerve syndrome, musculocutaneous nerve syndrome, thoracic outlet compression syndrome, cervical radiculopathy, dura mater syndrome and notalgia paraestethica.

    I hope there will be an English and a Spanish version next year, but in the mean time the illustrations are very clear.

    I made a little e-book in flash-version (Book1.swf) with the first chapter on the carpal tunnel syndrome. Enjoy it and please respect the copyright!
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    Reçu aujourd'hui de chez Elsevier/Masson.
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