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    Originally posted by nancy frye
    I've never had a chiropractor offer to cure anything, from gallstones to depression by cracking my back; I've never had one suggest I needed to try any homeopathic remedies; I've never had one claim my bipolar disorder was all due to a misaligned spine. When I did have gall bladder trouble, my then chiropractor told me to see my primary care doctor post-haste.
    I see all the rants about Chiropractors here & in Skeptical Inquirer. Have I just been lucky and missed all the quacks?
    Welcome to SS, Nancy. There are many good, science-based chiropractors practicing today - some are members of these boards. Unfortunately, there are others who are convinced that their hands are capable of doing implausible things to a body that works in implausible ways. I don't know how lucky you are, but you have certainly been fortunate.

    Perhaps you would consider introducing your self in the welcome forum so we could greet you most kindly?

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