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Stewart Copeland - Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me

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  • Stewart Copeland - Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me

    Got to hear a nice little interview with Stewart Copeland (Drummer, The Police) yesterday when driving into work. It's more fun when you listen to it... which you can do here --> From: Not My Job: Drummer Stewart Copeland Gets Quizzed On Police Tactics

    SAGAL: ...You are a professional rock-'n'-roll drummer. You were a drummer for one of the great rock bands of all time. Please be truthful with us: Do you hate drum solos, too, right?

    COPELAND: I played two in my career. One was on the Letterman show, the other was on the Serengeti in Africa in a cage surrounded by hungry lions, which was a scene for my film, "The Rhythmatist."

    SAGAL: Did the lions do what the rest of us do with drums solos, and turn around and go get a beer?


    COPELAND: No, they did not.

    SAGAL: What did they do?

    COPELAND: They had been starved for a few days so as to be photogenically aggressive. The cage that I was playing in was festooned with steak. And the only thing was that these ones here came running right up to the thing, and they're grabbing at the cage. And then I started playing my drums, and then they ran away.


    COPELAND: And so to get the shot, I had to pretend to hit the drums and not actually hit them because they'd all go running off again. So they went off, but they'd come back pretty quick for the meat, and they'd be yanking at the cage. One of them got his paw under the cage, and his talon stuck into the machine head on the front of the bass drum and was pulling it. It started to go weird. That was the other drum solo I played in my career.

    FELBER: That's when it started to get weird?



    The lion he was talking about starts up around the 14:22 mark. "It started to go weird." I bet it was a bit more than *weird*!

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