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  • [Music] Mercy.

    My third born comes home from school and declares : my friend has head lice. I don't take this kind of news well. I know we have all kinds of bugs living inside and outside our bodies. Fine. I can't see those. Head lice? My brain goes into ''batshit'' mode. So I check her out. One has to understand that this young lady's nervous system is exceedingly sensitive. Brushing hair, braiding hair, touching the damn hair is OFF limits. Always has been. So I tell her '' Put your headphones on. I don't want you to hear me as I progressively lose my shit.'' Ha, ha, ha. She gets it. Great thing about her is we pretty much have the same sense of humour. I check the head. No bugs. So far.
    Then I thought : there was a time not so very long ago really, when head lice was part and parcel (and the potential health hazards carried by the critters) of the human existence.

    Checking one and other out. ''OOOOH! good one! munch, munch, munch!''

    My two other daughters had lice as younger children. They have fond memories of me inspecting their manes, strand by strand, listening to some tunage. We talked about it yesterday. It made me smile.

    So I asked Z. after the inspection : '' What song were you listening to, on your Pod? ''

    '' Mercy Street.'' by Peter Gabriel.

    Carol Lynn Chevrier LMT
    " The truth is, people may see things differently. But they don't really want to. '' Don Draper.