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  • the stranger song

    This pretty much sums up how leaving the Meso (mesodermal derivatives) mindset has felt for me.

    I wasn't even born when this was filmed which got me thinking.

    Some people here at SS have been treating patients for almost as long as I have been alive.

    I think about the stories behind their patients' pain. Car crashes, accidents in the work place, war, domestic violence, suicide attempts or simply, a very hard and long life. Who knows?

    I think about what it can do to a therapist. To want to help, if only to honor the story behind the Pain. (Read, read, read. Study. Take con ed classes. Go back to university. Try things. Read some more. Throw out the garbage. Ponder. Reflect. Read some more. Understand. Keep some things. Like science does, I guess.)

    Someone asked recently, what the purpose of SS is. For me, among a slew of other things it is this:to learn to honor and respect the stories behind the pain.

    Without judging and without pushing.

    Carol Lynn Chevrier LMT
    " The truth is, people may see things differently. But they don't really want to. '' Don Draper.