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  • Louis GIFFORD => Aches and Pains Online

    Welcome to Louis GIFFORD, an "important" member of the PT Community.

    Aches and Pains Online

    The material presented at the Physiotherapy Pain Association's (PPA) study days has been edited by Louis Gifford into a series, Topical Issues in Pain.

    These four books are a must!!!
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    Indeed they are very good. Have read most of all four at various stages over the year/s and have learned a lot from them.



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      Welcome Louis Gifford. Your books amazed me, and continue to do so every time I pick one up to take yet another quick look, or sit down for a solid couple hours of deep learning with underlining and post-it notes. They are more than very good, they are indispensible. What a legacy you have left to this profession in all its various international conformations. Thank you.
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