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Chatting with the patient during therapy?

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    patient: "The health and safety guy at work said he needs a certificate from my doctor or physio saying it's safe for me to use a stand-up desk at work"

    me: "oh seriously... what a load of crap!"

    patient: "Haha! What do you mean?"

    me: "He wants me to write a letter saying it's safe for you to stand up? Are you serious?"

    patient: "Yes but it's for the desk"

    Here's the letter I wanted to write, but didn't: "Mr Z has been standing since he was about 1 year old, so I assume a little longer won't hurt. But if it does, well he can sit down again".
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      I think working at a private clinic, it may be important to talk and get to know your patients on a closer level, especially as you are building a clientele. Furthermore, at the same time, through talking to the patient, you may uncover some interesting and pertinent information that may help you with the treatment/condition which can be missed.