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    Ho yes, sorry. But this one is. It is an older version but it runs under lion.
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      Thank you! I'm downloading it now.
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        Originally posted by Marc View Post
        I use Yep on my Imac, and Benubird PDF on my pc with success. They're both free and customizable.
        Am giving Benubird a try but seems you need to go trough more than a few manual steps before you're ready.

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          Any Linux-users around? So far I only found Referencer and it's actually made for GNOME. Is there any program specific for Xfce?

          Edit: Just found out that Mendeley is also available for Linux.
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            Originally posted by marcel View Post
            Am giving Benubird a try but seems you need to go trough more than a few manual steps before you're ready.
            As usually with windows ... but when it is set, and the right keywords are used, it works.
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              I am switching to Evernote for all of my organization of PDF's

              There is a monthly fee for Premium use,

              I have tried, Papes (windows) preimum and Benubird, all of these methods I feel are suboptimal.

              Evernote seems to have the greatest stability and flexibility and works well across multiple devices that are of separate ecosystems (i.e. windows to ipad integration).

              There is good PDF integration and it allows you to type notes outside of the journal article which I like.

              There are some drawbacks in terms of using it as a citation manager, and linking the PDF to a specific citation and allow that to import into other documents.

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                I've been using Mendeley on my Mac and iPad. I have a 25G dropbox account with a specific mendeley folder that the desktop version "watches". Most of the PDFs I come by are on my iPad, I just "open with dropbox" and get to choose which sub folder the article opens into within my mendeley folder. When I turn on my desktop and open Mendeley, it syncs everything.
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                  Mendeley over here!
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                    Mendeley. That with the ability to have it sync to a dropbox watched folder makes it easy for finding and organizing papers no matter where I am (work, home, etc.)


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                      I upload my PDFs to Dropbox and then use foxitpdf to search multiple folders etc for keywords. (yes, it does search Dropbox folders). Works for me, though obviously this method doesn't insert citations.
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                        If the intention is to review research PDFs and make notes/highlight text, I use LiquidText on an iPad. As mentioned before, I use Dropbox to store and LiquidText to review the material. I use Evernote for storing electronic versions of client notes and it's great but not haven't found it better than LiquidText for reviewing articles. So many tools...

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