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    Dear SomaSimple members,

    I have made the attached powerpoint and pdf available for download. This is a presentation for manual therapists with basic pain knowledge and a basic introduction to DNM and Simple Contact. I extend permission to anyone who wishes to use this ppt or parts thereof, but please if you use material from this powerpoint belonging to Barrett or Diane please contact them and make the appropriate attribution. There are pictures in this ppt that were found on the net and I was not able to attribute. If anyone finds error with any of the material please contact me and I will rectify the error immediately.

    I highly recommend Rod Henderson's powerpoint Pain and Orthopedic Physical Therapy for a more in depth understanding of the pain concepts introduced here.

    Karen L
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    Karen this is amazing. Soma in a nutshell. So, when do you begin touring to teach the course that this is a manual for??? (wink wink, hint hint)
    Tony Friese, PT
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      Thank you very,very much Karen.
      Fine work. Wow.

      Carol Lynn Chevrier LMT
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        I am overwhelmed by the response to this posting. Thank you all who have downloaded. I see there is a hunger for this kind information of SomaSimple. I am sure it will only be a short time before there are some video resources and more in depth explanations to help you in your practices. Cory Blickenstaff has made some wonderful movement youtube videos recently.

        Please support and help the SomaSimple community grow by posting, sharing, and creating your ideas to advance manual therapy.

        Karen L


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          Thanks a lot Karen.
          I plan a French translation of these useful papers/articles.
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            Maybe this thread should be linked into the 'Moderators' Consensus on Pain' thread.
            Excelent synthesis Karen. Hope your talk goes well.
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