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another handout: cause of pain

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    This looks good. Now I can share this to my family.


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      Thank you all
      for sharing this.
      Today at Uni, I had my first pain lecture ... (and
      yes, I gave it in English, quite an achievement for me).
      It was a three-hour lecture, which I felt was way too long
      at first, but ultimately ended up not finishing anything I wanted to teach.
      Yeah, and I'm sorry that I
      used all of you as sources!
      Not many people are really so serious about pain out there, and how to see and manage it with respect to the person that experiences it. Maybe I have added to the understanding of a few young therapists today
      with the information, I have acquired ... mostly through all the discussions here ...


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        You could allow yourself a little
        more to look for an Oz guide.
        I scanned at the old forums, and I didn't seem to be able to come
        up with anything of my own despite not having read the book (just seeing the movie).

        Meanwhile, I was checking
        what I had already done.
        I hope that's an upgrade. I'm not sure if that helps, but here's what I did a couple of years ago when I
        got tired of having to answer questions from people about the different mesodermal anomalies irrelevant to their suffering.
        I assume that you'll find something that you can use.