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Biomechanical Aspects of Physical Therapy

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    Yes Steven, I'm also confused? Tracking of toes when they run? Maybe in the future we can speak this way, internal rotation of femur in the transverse plane. I rarely see athletes hop on the playing field, lots of pivots though. Lower the center of gravity, the quicker the change of direction. Hence the pivots. Unless you've seen research otherwise?


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      Toe tracking is a term used in S&C - simply a laymen's term to describe knee osteokinematics. I'm not speaking of hopping in the literal sense, and pivots (which I'm assuming you mean a foot plant and direction change?) are essential when evading an opponent's flurry, I'm speaking more in a transitional sense - 90 degree to 180 degree turns - this is more along the lines of Football and Basketball - opponent's side or on a fask break for the offensive team. Another way to think of a hip turn is simply both legs moving to make a transition, rather than from one foot pivoting.

      Pivots in terms of major turns tend to have increased friction/drag, whereas minor hops to transition tend to take less timing, since you don't have legs acting as breaks. On the other hand, when performing cuts, which is what I'm assuming you meant by pivots, it's a different story - although I'll refrain comments until I understand what you mean.


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        I've been in strength coaching over 20y, and never heard the term toe tracking Steven. Maybe if you could point me to research somewhere?

        Most of my knowlege of pivots etc. come from the ACl research; Hewitt's Cincinnatti group and a guy by the name of Taft. Essentially, keep the pivot knee over the second toe, don't allow the femur to buckle in the frontal plane; for the cincinnatti group. Taft would have you also do a plyometric push-off on the pivot leg with what may be a hip turn. Taft also breaks down pivots/cuts into speed cuts and change of direction cuts. His ideas came from studying Barry Sanders. One foot on the groud though. I'd think you would like Taft's ideas. He often gives talks etc.
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          Forget about the f--cking toe.
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            Jon this doesn't happen alot so I figured I'd bring it up here...I completely agree. Tuck the foe and don't micromanage the movement.
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