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Seeking evidence based input on the case below.

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  • Seeking evidence based input on the case below.

    (I have express permission to post this in the public sphere)

    Accomplished endurance athlete (triathlon, marathon), 42 yo F.

    "Today marks a year of not being able to use/feel my right leg properly when running. RUNNER FRIENDS, I’d love to hear from you. Anyone ever experience a feeling of fatigue like lactic acid build up when you start the final mile interval or an arm that falls asleep, when running well-rested, right from the start? It starts in my upper/outer glute med/hip area. Then goes down my quad. Eventually, my calf is pretty much numb too. I can jog, slowly, but am largely dragging my right leg along for the ride. Doesn’t seem like a solution. Uphill makes it even worse."
    "Months and months of rest have gotten me no improvement. MRIs and MRAs show normal wear and tear, with the exception of small labrum tears that are equal on both sides an unlikely to be the cause (according to two very smart hip surgeons.) No FAI. Many injections that haven’t improved it, even temporarily. I also get major glute med pain with sitting more than 30 min. Maybe related, maybe not. That seemed to come from cycling, so I haven’t biked since Kona 2018."
    "... spine MRI is normal and spinal surgeon reviewed and said there was nothing there to fix."
    Also described to me as:
    "Numb/weight/dead when running, *but no pain*."

    This came up in discussion, curious if anyone has any experience with the evidence surrounding treatment options, should that turn out to be the case.
    Thanks in advance!