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Should I take a preventative method?

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  • Should I take a preventative method?

    I need your help with something! I am a marathon runner, and I have been participating in many tournaments including Triathalon, decathlon. I may have not been so successful in those, but I keep trying! I have been pushing my limits to keep my stamina high. It is not so easy at 45 years of age, but it thrills me, and I want to keep doing it. I take no breaks, no failed workouts, and I feel great about it. Not to wear out my body, I get a sports massage on recovery weeks. I do stretching, I foam, I roll, I cycle, I do everything I could to increase my stamina. I use air relax boots, sometimes. People keep telling me that I am over straining my body and that I would face the consequences later. I don't have any reason to see a chiropractor, but was curious if anyone uses one as a preventative or recovery tool, you know, as a reboot button! Even yoga could give me some boost, right? I won't have to line up in front of a chiropractor to put me back together. Am I right? What do you guys think?
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