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Trying to find a site for my final clinical rotation

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  • ??? Trying to find a site for my final clinical rotation

    Hey everybody,

    I am a second year physical therapy student, currently on my first rotation. I've spent some time on here trying to learn and balance what I learn here and at school. I appreciate everyone's discussion and thoughts here, they have helped me out in many ways. I attend the University of St. Augustine in Austin, TX and I will be heading out on my third rotation in January 2020. This may be a shot in the dark, but I'm wondering A. if there is anybody on here that is a CI affiliated with my university, or B. if there is anyone willing to (potentially) become a CI affiliated with my university. I would love to learn from any of you if possible. I am willing to travel anywhere in the U.S. If anyone here is interested or is aware of any other PT's I can get in touch with, please let me know!



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    you've got a lot of smart folks in your back yard of Texas. My vote if you're staying in Texas...I think he's still in Texas
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