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    As part of my own recovery "therapy," I'm planning on writing an article on the latest research regarding the efficacy of compression garments for athletes. This topic was prompted by my experiences with the pneumatic lower leg pressure wraps I wore during my heart surgery recovery.

    Any insights from forum members regarding the value of compression sleeves, socks, etc. for the athletic community? What is it that they are really accomplishing--or intended to accomplish? Any thoughts on their use having more than just a placebo effect?

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    Hi Ken,
    perhaps you may contact Blaise Dubois?
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      I used to wear them when training and competing (skins and underarmour). It took less time to get warmed up, gave a massive psychological boost and more effective recovery. Probably massive placebo and "non specific effects", in the same way that my elite competitors were reassured by having a physio that resembled a pack mule trailing after them from the warm up area to mat / piste side.

      Research Advancements in Humanoid Compression Garments in Sports
      Jo Bowyer
      Chartered Physiotherapist Registered Osteopath.
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