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  • Innervation images

    This is a sticky thread for images that I have drawn myself, therefore I can give them away for free with no worries about copyright restrictions. They are based on the newly released Gray's Anatomy CD, and I do want to acknowledge that without the help of that CD, I'd never have been able to visualize these in the first place. Thank you Gray's. :thumbs_up

    I will be placing links to all "my image" threads into this thread, to keep them all together in one place, all freely accessible by whoever, forever. The links to the "originals" require you to be a somasimpler, also free, and protects the images from the googlebots etc.

    The knee originals

    The hip originals
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    Hi Diane :

    Thank you for this new wave of Joint neural network images . Most of complaints we encounter practically are joint related or at least ....Most Physiotherapy culture thinks that the joint is the origin of the complaint ,of course this widened the culture between people regarding joint as really a pain source or orginator .



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      nerve images

      its damm good.thanks a lot for putting up these useful its easy to visualize the neuro orientation nerar the hip and knee.please continue with your great works like this.expecting more of this type