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  • Discussion of Shacklock interview

    I wanted to invite a discussion of the interview with Michael Shacklock thus far. The Choices forum is set up a bit different and does not allow immediate viewing of new posts. Therefore, I thought starting a discussion in the general forum would be a good idea.

    So, any thoughts on the interview so far?
    Cory Blickenstaff, PT, OCS

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    Hi Cory,

    I think this interview ought to generate some questions worth asking Michael so I'm glad he's going to make himself available to answer them.

    I think it is worth noting that those reading this without signing in will not understand what interview you are talking about. So to clarify for the passerby, the interview itself and the upcoming chat with Michael is one of those features that is available to registered readers and participants (free as usual) and is only viewable when you are signed in. Scroll down and look for "CHOICES: Perspectives on the Future of PT" for more information when you are signed in.

    I look forward to the chat. I hope I'm available to the computer at the time to "listen" to the conversation.
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      Firstly, congratulations SomaSimple for initiating and hosting this interview. I hope it will be just the first of many. Thank-you Cory for your efforts in conducting the interview, and thank-you Michael for taking time out of your non-stop world tours to volunteer to participate.
      I've a number of questions already but I think I'll wait until the whole interview plays out to see if the answers are already there.

      Eric Matheson, PT


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        Hi Moderators :

        Actually , i like to raise another point here , i do NOT know if it is the appropriate place or not , i mean if it is NOT , i do not mind at all editing my post or this point ,simply the issue is just a begin and quite complex ,and there may be questions !

        The point is , i will try so much to attend that live/online Interview ,i hope it comes ti my day not my night time .There may be difference in time from Australia to US to other places ,so that Will the Interview saved , i mean here could i listen/hear it another time day latter ,just i like to attend something for assurance ,like the post which i read 2 times to avoid losing the idea !

        Best Wishes to all



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          Unless Michael is extremely nocturnal, the live interview will need to be at a reasonable time for us southern hemispherers - not 3 am! A bit tough on the North Americans, true.



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            Unless I'm in the air myself I'll be there. I'm promoting all of this to my students this week.

            You know how well that always works.

            Stan Paris has expressed some interest in doing this to me personally though I don't think he's yet investigated the whole process carefully. I'll stay in touch with him and have some hopes of getting Rocabado involved. If they opt out Michael's effort and time here are all the more impressive.
            Barrett L. Dorko