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  • CT Bad Faith Argumentation: Example

    Latest example of bad faith argumentation comes from the Facebook group "Explaining Pain Science".
    Link for members of that group here:

    We had someone share an article an article on a commercial website for injection therapy that comically misrepresented the BPS model in a typical way. We then had someone show up "just asking questions" and doing classic bad faith argumentation, truly a great example

    Here's one of my final responses to him:

    "I know what an ad hominem argument is. If you don't that's fine but your attempt to tar me with that makes you look bad.
    This discussion is chock full of substantive critique. The basic science of pain and the medical outcome literature goes the other way from his claims and this is found in systematic reviews, clinical guidelines, and policy statements from professional organizations. He is quite obviously taking the most narrow and negative view of a complex topic in an attempt to build an elaborate straw man. He is clearly arguing in bad faith.

    The burden is not on me, or other people familiar with modern evidence based approaches to pain, to explain this modern perspective every time somebody puts up an article or blog post on old tired structuralist ideas. The burden is on THEM to learn - it's reasonable to help people who want to learn but have outdated understanding. It isn't reasonable to act surprised and spend tons of effort and time debunking the latest structuralist nonsense or anti-evidence hit piece written by people with clear and obvious agendas and their apologists.

    For your part, you are also taking things people say in the most narrow possible sense (see our sidebar above), while asking other people to do the heavy lifting of constructing an argument that has been made hundred of times before and spoon-feeding you information you obviously aren't interested in taking in. And all of this is happening as if this guy has some sort of unique perspective he shares - on a commercial website devoted to selling a product, where he comically misrepresents ideas that threaten his business model. That is obviously materially relevant to his perspective and goals as well as our discussion.

    Graeme, what have you contributed to this discussion? Beyond misrepresenting modern models of pain and the Moseley Et al article (repeatedly conflating biological factors with structural defects despite being corrected), misrepresenting what others say (see my sidebar with you) and repeatedly both asking and directing others to spoon feed you information? Failing to change position when the error has been demonstrated and returning to the talking point repeatedly is a classic example of bad faith argumentation. You have done this multiple times here with the biological/structural issue and the Moseley et al article. You are also arguing in bad faith. You appear to not want to learn - you seem to want to grind an axe. That doesn't interest me.

    I am done giving this "article" any more press.

    This is a huge waste of my time if my goal was to convince you of anything. But a perfect example of a repeating pattern in these discussions and of people arguing in bad faith - thanks for this example I will be packaging this up and sending it out for reference."
    Jason Silvernail DPT, DSc, FAAOMPT
    Board-Certified in Orthopedic Physical Therapy
    Fellowship-Trained in Orthopedic Manual Therapy

    Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

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