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workshops in canada?

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  • workshops in canada?

    hello! hope this is the right place to ask this.

    i was wondering if there are any planned or speculated workshops for either DNM or simple contact in canada?

    also, i was able to find diane's webinar for DNM concepts "making connections" available through touch u:
    (thanks for making this available!)

    but it seems barret's webinar for simple contact is no longer available:

    is there anywhere else this lecture is accessible?

    thanks very much.

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    There is tentatively something in Vancouver for DNM in early September, sponsored by MTABC, but nothing definite so far.
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      Nothing scheduled for Simple Contact in Canada just now. There are three programs scheduled for Ohio in April. They're on my web site and I'm available otherwise, and cheap.

      Thought I'd throw that in there.
      Barrett L. Dorko


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        thank you kindly to you both.