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Moving Past the Normalization Heuristic to Unravel the Mystery of Pain

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    The message in the last few posts seems to be an indication of how soft and dependent we have became as a society. Dependent on someone fixing us up; because there is always someone whom we can turn to in the crisis of pain.
    Then again, in the "old days" you survived or died.

    Re labour pain - I remember Lorimer Moseley being asked about the 'need' for the pain of labour. His reply was the jury is still out on that one. Primarily because some women find labour very easy and painless; and others have a torrid time. Who knows?



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      Originally posted by ste5e View Post
      All aspects of human suffering are exploited by other humans for their gain.

      Pain is just the bit that we experience daily in our work and personal lives.

      But loneliness.
      Popular or unpopular
      Happy or Sad
      Ugly or Beautiful.
      Fat or thin.
      And many more.

      The business model of creating a false perception of what is normal and selling folk a way to bridge the percieved reality gap is as old as the hills.

      Make a need. Address a need.

      In what we have found our calling we are going against the economic realities of human exchange. We are barking at the moon. But we are right. We are morally right. We cannot stop.

      Kind thoughts,

      Barking at the moon. Yes, exactly. And can not stop. So why not enjoy it?