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  • Originally posted by Jason Silvernail View Post
    Thanks, Max, good comments, and no offense taken. I did ask for feedback. If you have some suggestions for getting me and them on the same road sooner rather than later, I'm all ears. Vielen dank-
    Maybe a mission statement or disclaimer to start the article off.
    It may sound silly, but look at it as an invitational sign on the bridge leading over the chasm. "We mean no harm, we just want to find out the -why- of things; come check it out".

    It is important to have contrarians, but contrarians tend to invite polarization of the crowd.
    Eventually, this might enstrange able minds on both sides of the "chasm" (if it hasn't already).

    Rather than emphasizing the "chasm" between both sides, building bridges to let people cross it more readily (ideally making it obsolete) should be the goal.

    I think this is especially important when targeting newer minds, not yet deeply invested in any particular dogma.

    In counseling, opposing parties are usually encouraged to first reveal their differences, then find a common ground to work things out.
    So instead of saying "this and this is wrong with what you are teaching", say "what you do seems to work, I have an idea why it might".

    Neuroscience in general has a hard time being accepted on an emotional level, I think. At first glance it seems kind of "unsexy".
    Damasio mentions this a couple of times in "Descarte's Error", when talking about the neurobiology of feelings and how knowledge of the chemical and neural mechanisms behind a certain feeling or sensation in no way lessens its worth to that person.
    To paraphrase: "Feeling good might "just" be a rush of neurotrasmitters acting on an excited neural pattern, but it still feels just as good." (simplified of course)

    Same thing goes for thrust manips. They might "just" be a sudden push through the joint's ROM, affecting nociceptive signalling to the brain. They might still give the patient comfort though.

    I find the whole issue much more fascinating this way actually. That an intervention with such force can leave the structural body completely unchanged and still have such a profound effect on body perception is miraculous, if you ask me.

    Excuse the long ramble. It's late already and I shouldn't be sitting here posting, but catching up on some sleep. I hope this makes as much sense when I read it tomorrow as it does to me right now.


    • Originally posted by Barrett Dorko View Post
      I worked and taught alongside Paris for four years during the late seventies, talked to him intermittantly, saw him present over the years, conducted a workshop for Stan, his faculty and staff in Florida in '08 and listened to him interviewed recently.

      No real change as far as I can see.
      Barrett, I love this! It amazes me how many people fail to see what you, Jason, Diane, Bas et al have been exposed to over your careers. You guys have learnt from, taught alongside etc various 'meso idols'. I find it funny how people just assume you 'don't understand' or perhaps 'didn't get it'. You guys should have an avatar of been there, done that, got the t-shirt (certification), now time to focus on the reality.


      • Thanks Fletch,

        I'm wondering where "Valpospine" went.

        We had some questions.
        Barrett L. Dorko


        • I'm wondering where "Valpospine" went.
          I'm speculating (again), but "Valpo" is often the shortened nickname for "Valparaiso, which is a small college town in northwestern Indiana about an hour southeast of Chicago. Now we've been hearing about devastating tornadoes in the southern part of that state, but I haven't heard of anything similar that far north.

          So, while I doubt Valpospine is hiding in his cellar, he may be hiding under his desk.
          John Ware, PT
          Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists
          "Nothing can bring a man peace but the triumph of principles." -R.W. Emerson
          “If names be not correct, language is not in accordance with the truth of things. If language be not in accordance with the truth of things, affairs cannot
          be carried on to success.” -The Analects of Confucius, Book 13, Verse 3


          • hey guys, give some time!!!!!!
            yes John W. you are right(speculating) Valpo is the short name for Valparaiso. Small town east of Chicago. but, hang on. I have nothing to hide though. (not hiding in a cellar nor under the desk)(truly, besides the fact that I had to work today, I was gathering info , either from the net, or through contacts that may know more about your philosophy.
            I still havent gathered enough so, I'm still in the process.
            and Barrett, sorry, but with all the respect, with the info available on the net, there is no way people are going to understand what "simple contact " is. (it was clearly expressed in your simple contact blog where you were getting frustrated with people not understanding you).
            (someone told me that it was a skin based approach). yes , I know, reading your posts that you want people to understand that it is more than a technique. (I read you). again, give me some time.
            I'm not avoiding answering. I'm just working on it...
            but please, understand this. if I'm here, it is just because I truly believe (even though I come from a very mechanistic manual therapy school) that there is more to do than just mechanical treatments, corrective exercises and so on...
            I enjoyed reading the info. I just have some questions about the way you seem to be applying it.
            anyway, I'm coming back. David


            • Hi there,

              Just wondering if I could get a copy of the enough is enough pdf that is located in the first post of this thread. Ive tried downloading it several time but when I open it there no text present other than the title: Enough is Enough

              Clinton Logue (Aussie Osteopath)


              • Hi Clinton, sometimes members of the site have difficulties opening certain PDF files across different operating systems/software. The doc in the first post downloaded and looked fine (to me, on my machine) this morning...I just re-saved/exported it. Perhaps this one will work?

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                • Ah thank tried in chrome and it still didn't work but it did for firefox. Go figure.

                  Clinton Logue (Aussie Osteopath)