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What Is Osteopathy? Infographical Answer

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  • What Is Osteopathy? Infographical Answer

    Every new patient that comes into my office, every person that I'm casually chatting with, people in other healthcare professions, everyone seems to want a better answer to the question "What Is Osteopathy?" I have gone through an evolution of answers; some more technical, some more brief, but ultimately, you have to engage with your asker and tailor your response to the type of answer they'll respond well to. For the general population on the internet though, there is not such luxury: you cannot see, hear or respond to the internet community as actively as you can a live person. Therefore, to answer the question online, it requires a broader, more entertaining, and more attention captivating approach. Enter the infographic. Infographics retain attention better than text AND video. So, in an effort to promote osteopathy, and generate understanding of it in the general population, I have attempted to create a broadly consumable answer to the question "What Is Osteopathy?" in the form of this infographic. I would love input from other osteopaths, or anyone for that matter because I intend to evolve this until it is suitable to osteopaths and the population alike. Regards.
    What Is Osteopathy? Infographic | Downtown Wellness
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