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    I can't wait until I have access to the manual, much of what Diane posts resonates with my massage background. I'll get to revisit some of that work in a new light :clap2:
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      I've been a member of SS for some time now but usually in the consumption capacity. Diane I have been using the techniques you have described as DNM for a few months now and I must say the results speak for themselves. I seems to almost always get the pesky "knots" that the massage therapist and/or Chiropractor struggle to get out (usually make worse). They always say "wow how did you get rid of the knot, you didn't even do much". Usually I am explaining the science behind the tech while treating the patient and I feel that really helps down regulate their system. Thanks again for providing us a simple tool that works consistently.


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        My pleasure!
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          Ran across this information today and thought it may be good to post it as a cross-comment on this thread.

          Originally posted by BB

          This is why skin stretch must not be viewed or practiced as a static stretch. Constant movement, variation in pressure is crucial. This is also of the tougher technical aspects to "get." If you were to have me do DNM on you and then Diane that would likely be a notable difference. Her constant movement is very perceptible if minute.

          Originally posted by Diane
          Yes, sorry if it comes off sounding static. One has to track/adapt to whatever the patient's nervous system is busy doing. Two-way conversation/adaptation.
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            thanks for this manual diane.i have just few questions about the dnm technique,when u use dnm and how much it is effective when u compare to other treatments?
            its just that this technique is very new for me and i am trying to understand it.