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    Hi Diane!

    Material like this might have another interested audience over at Freelap. Any thoughts about writing something there?

    Again, through coaches who interact frequently with therapists and trainers, after reading some of the insights from Soma Simplers, the questions that they might ask the PTs they work could open the door to more productive thinking.

    I have been helped over the years by what I read here. I'm excited about the possibility of the things this community is engaged in being directed to the applied community (coaches) as a way to change some minds on best practices in PT.

    I don't want to give up on this.


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      Hi Ken,
      Thanks for your thoughts. I don't know what Freelap is.. fitness?
      Maybe writing will spill over to there. James Fell would be good.
      I don't think I'd be any good at making a dint, but he would, and maybe Monica Noij who wrote the blogpost. You are welcome to use any links to the operator interactor distinctions of mine, that you want, if you want to contribute to Freelap in a way that they would be able to grok.
      I'm sure Monica would be delighted if you linked to her blogpost there.
      HumanAntiGravitySuit blog
      Neurotonics PT Teamblog
      Canadian Physiotherapy Pain Science Division (Archived newsletters, paincasts)
      Canadian Physiotherapy Association Pain Science Division Facebook page
      WCPT PhysiotherapyPainNetwork on Facebook
      Neuroscience and Pain Science for Manual PTs Facebook page

      SomaSimple on Facebook

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        Hi Diane!

        Here's a link to the Freelap Blog page:

        I have written several articles in the past on issues related to the sports I coach. However, Christopher Glaeser, who manages the cite, likes to get various perspectives on issues such as recovery, strength training, etc.

        John Quinter commented on one article on dry needling, but I don't think he is interested in writing an article on current research in that area.

        I really hope some of our members are considering writing on this or similar topics. Many folks here have a great deal to offer, and this, again, seems to be a novel way of getting important messages on pain science to an applied community (coaches) who interact with trainers and therapists. Things they learn from SomaSimple members may help coaches to ask questions about the more conventional treatments their athletes are receiving.

        Christopher pays writers for their articles, and as you will note, the articles themselves are both collegial and very professionally done.