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  • Saturday Breakfast

    The Cavs got beat badly in Indiana last night. I won't bore you with the details. The Browns drafted Baker Mayfield as the first pick in the NFL draft. I still haven't forgotten he planted the Oklahoma flag in the Buckeye's home after their (Oklahoma's) win. It's been etched into my memory. Fortunately.the Browns drafted a Buckeye with their number four pick.

    Tom and I spoke of Google, how my son worked there and it was a comic (and still is, somewhere) beginning in 1919 before it became a number and a way of finding things out. See how things change?

    We spoke of how Harry Farfan (Google him) looked like Sidney Greenstreet and I forgot where I had parked the car after picking him up at the Denver airport. He remained calm - I was panicked. I had a wonderful meal with him.

    Tom mentioned the Liberty plane and connected it to the car he's restoring. Well, he's restoring part of it. There was some talk of Asperger's syndrome and the Akron Airport in there. Columbus came up also Frank Sinatra and Elvis.

    You had to be there.
    Barrett L. Dorko