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Pot-pourri Sunday XVI

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  • Pot-pourri Sunday XVI

    I realized recently that I longed to be writer, for a variety of reasons, and I became one (after a fashion) after I became grown and after I made a living, gotten married, had some children. You know, little things.

    I was always a reader, once a learned to do it. I suppose. I can't remember not reading anyway. I grew up soon after TV was in most homes, and remain an avid screen-watcher. It's a big part of me.

    I wrote essays for years, published a column and a book and (with the birth of the Internet) wrote a blog.

    The blog gets fewer views but I asked a question: What has happened to the thing I made a living at? Perhaps I should ask it a different way: Has anything changed about the scientific revolution? Has something changed about therapy?
    Barrett L. Dorko

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    No answers, no discussion, Should I ask a different question?
    Barrett L. Dorko