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    After navigating a little black ice, Tom and I settled in for some coffee and conversation. He mentioned how some famous people are just "like us" and I agreed. I tend to agree a lot. My silence says a lot. I must seem mysterious at times. At least, that's what I'm going for.

    Tom showed me some pictures of the progress on the Sunbeam (an older car) he's having restored for his wife. It's going to be painted red. I remember walking into a paint store years ago. A sign on the wall said that "all colors have to be approved." I could relate. When Tom told me about different shades of color I relaxed.

    We talked about The Ohio State Basketball team and how well they're doing and how an herbal medicine seems to help dementia. It probably won't help if you get hit by a bus - or play football, another thing we talked about.

    We talked of Tom's grandson and the crap shoot inheritance is or might be. For instance, my twin inherited some things and I inherited others. She became an artist and has many friends. I, something else.
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