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    You wouldn't think that football (American), fifties musicals and Spotify would all be included in a single conversation, but somehow Tom and I manage it.

    Often we jump back and forth between such subjects (or others I haven't mentioned) and a lot of laughter is involved. Some might not laugh. There is a bit of talk some wouldn't "get," but we also wonder about how the younger generation knows about some different things. I use the word "scattered" to explain the difference between not knowing why Tom can't get excited about the coming total eclipse of the sun (it's a completely American phenomenon, according to the TV) but would quote me a lyric from a Carly Simon song from the 70s about one. There's a lot to know these days.

    A story about the total eclipse was on the front page. That's a newspaper term.

    I heard my grandson, Michael Barrett, knows about the battle of Yorktown and he told his tour group in D.C. all about it. He's seven.

    Tom is the chief of orthopedics at The Crystal Clinic. It's a wonderful place. They haven't the money to advertise like some others, but they're the best. Advertising is very powerful.

    Tom got a call about another surgeon's patient while we were walking to our cars. It was a case involving an elbow, and I said, "An elbow?" Tom said the other surgeon was good.

    I trust this assessment.
    Barrett L. Dorko