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    Very nice to look at and such a cool reason for them to exist - refraction of light in water droplets.

    Unicorns? Imaginary horses with a horn on their forehead?
    Give me real horses anytime - beautiful, just beautiful.
    We don't see things as they are, we see things as WE are - Anais Nin

    I suppose it's easier to believe something than it is to understand it.
    Cmdr. Chris Hadfield on rise of poor / pseudo science

    Pain is a conscious correlate of the implicit perception of threat to body tissue - Lorimer Moseley

    We don't need a body to feel a body. Ronald Melzack


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      Horses are often referred to as "magnificent creatures." Not by me, but that's just me. I'm not a bad person. At least, I don't think so.

      I reassured the nurses in the station that I was "no one." I'm not sure they all believed me.

      It might have been the tie.
      Barrett L. Dorko


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        Looking stuff up is also something few do. We live in the "age of information," but many wonderful and "successful" therapists don't "look stuff up."
        I'm sure many or most "look stuff up", I think the problem is more the depth of investigation. The internet has provided easy access to information. That doesn't mean it is good information. Possibly due to the easy access, people are less inclined to search hard for their information.

        How many would look past the first few hits on a Google search? How many just rely of what comes up on their FB feed?

        The other issue is possibly that instead of people using the internet to find information, there is more motivation to spread it. There is much more information out there which is purely opinion based because people want to be heard, rather than hearing.

        ...kind of like what I'm doing right now...


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          You seem to listen.

          At least you read. Do you defend what you do?
          Barrett L. Dorko


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            Do you defend what you do?
            More and more these days. The more I read and understand, the more comfortable I become with my position, and the more I am prepared and willing to defend it. That becomes easier as I continue to develop and understand what my position is, which is ongoing. It will no doubt evolve as more information presents itself.

            I feel if I can defend it to other therapists, then I can defend it with patients (who are generally more accepting). I think that's what appeals to me about SS. The more I can discuss these things, the better I can defend it.

            Not being someone who typically relishes conflict, I find myself looking for opportunities to defend the premise under which I work.


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              If I saw a unicorn, I'm not sure if I'd trust it.

              I don't think I'd find its existence understandable or defensible.


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